Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education

BAMBED is a publication aimed at promoting quality biochemistry and molecular biology education, and education in related fields such as microbiology and cell biology, worldwide. (How to Submit)

BioScene: Journal of College Biology Teaching

BioScene is the refereed, quarterly publication of the Association of College and University Biology Educators (ACUBE). Currently, ACUBE members receive print copies of the journal six months prior to electronic copies becoming available on-line for the benefit of other individuals in the academic community. 

Cell Biology Education/Life Sciences Education

Cell Biology Education is an online, quarterly journal owned and published by The American Society for Cell Biology. The Journal publishes peer-reviewed articles on life science education at the K-12, undergraduate and graduate levels. The American Society for Cell Biology believes that learning in biology encompasses diverse fields, including math, chemistry, physics, engineering, computer science, and the interdisciplinary intersections of biology with these fields. (How to Submit)

American Biology Teacher

The American Biology Teacher, a nationally recognized journal, brings you specific how-to-do-it suggestions for the classroom and laboratory, field activities, interdisciplinary programs, and articles on recent advances in biology and life science. Each issue features reviews of books, classroom technology products, and "Biology Today." Published 9 times a year, the journal also covers the social and ethical implications of biology and ways to incorporate such concerns into instructional programs. (How to Submit)

Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education

The Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (JMBE) is sponsored by the American Society for Microbiology a professional life science society with more than 43,000 members in the United States and abroad. JMBE publishes original, previously unpublished, peer-reviewed articles. The scientific scope of the journal is rooted in microbiology while branching out to biology. The educational scope of the journal is primarily undergraduate education; however, submissions that feature good pedagogy and good design used in kindergarten through high school education or graduate and professional (e.g., medical school) education will be considered for publication. (How to Submit)

The Journal of Biological Education

The journal for applied educational research, the Journal of Biological Education covers policy and curriculum developments that apply directly to you, bringing you the latest results of research into the teaching, learning and assessment of biology. It updates you with advances relevant to biology syllabuses and reviews current opinion from world-renowned experts. Essential for any teacher interested in their CPD. (How to Submit)

HAPS-EDucator (Human Anatomy and Physiology Society)

The Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) was founded to promote communication among teachers of human anatomy and physiology in colleges, universities, and related institutions; to present workshops and conferences (local, regional, and national) where members can obtain information about the latest developments in the health and science fields; and to encourage educational research and publication by HAPS members. (How to Submit)

Advances in Physiology Education

Physiology educators interested in educational research find Advances in Physiology Education an invaluable forum for learning and exchanging new ideas. All aspects of physiology education are covered, including research reports, scholarly essays, and practical aids for teaching. Instructors find information on curriculum design and implementation, new approaches to discovering the diversity of solutions to common physiological problems, creative approaches that include technology to teach physiology in large and small settings, and more. (How to Submit)